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As an experienced car registration service in Berlin, we take over various services for you in the field of car registrations, such as registration or deregistration.


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What is a car registration service?

The car registration service offers the registration, deregistration and re-registration of vehicles at the registration office in Berlin (Kfz-Zulassungsbehörde). Our registration service is commissioned by telephone or e-mail and requires certain documents from the vehicle owner in order to carry out registrations, deregistrations, re-registrations or other services.

Why use our service to register a vehicle in Berlin?

Our service takes care to have a proper and quick registration of your car. For the car registration in Berlin , the registration service will be provided with a power of attorney and a signed application for vehicle registration.


In addition, a signed SEPA direct debit mandate, the registration certificate Part I (vehicle registration document) and the registration certificate Part II (vehicle title) as well as proof of a general inspection (TÜV certificate) and a valid identity card and the electronic confirmation of insurance in the form of an eVB number are also required for vehicle registration at the registration office. If a valid identity card is not available, the owner can also provide the registration service in Berlin with a valid passport with a registration certificate to register the vehicle at the registration office.

Does your car registration service offer deregistrations?

If a vehicle is to be deregistered in Berlin, the registration service can be commissioned to deregister the vehicle at the registration office (Kfz-Zulassungsstelle Berlin). This service will take care of the official procedures. For the deregistration by us certain documents and records are required:

  • Registration certificate part I (german: Fahrzeugschein)

  • Registration certificate part II (german: Fahrzeugbrief)

  • License plates (german: Kennzeichenschilder)


Why is deregistration necessary?

There can be different reasons for a car deregistration in Berlin. For example this is needed when a vehicle is no longer used or sold. The vehicle registration for a vehicle is also carried out at the registration office when a vehicle is to be scrapped or when the vehicle is no longer used for a certain period of time.

What happens after the car deregistration?

If a vehicle has been deregistered at the registration office in Berlin, the vehicle may no longer be moved on public roads and may no longer be parked on public roads.

The owner must ensure that the deregistered vehicle is parked in a non-public place. After deregistration, the owner no longer pays insurance or tax for the vehicle. The information on deregistering a vehicle is transmitted by the registration office to the insurance company and the customs office responsible for vehicle tax. The owner does not have to inform these offices himself.

Can a license plate be reserved for car registration?

If a vehicle is deregistered at the registration office, there is the option of license plate reservation. This makes it possible to reserve a license plate for the deregistered vehicle at the registration office. The reservation is valid for up to twelve months. If a vehicle is deregistered because it is to be scrapped, no license plate reservation is possible.

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