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Registering a vehicle in Berlin


Have you recently purchased a vehicle, released it from the garage, or hibernated and now want to register it?


Contact us today and leave the quick and easy registration of your vehicle to us: Telephone: 030/ 398 375 80


The waiting times in registration offices are often long, and your time is too valuable to spend it on the tedious waiting?

In this situation we are on your side and ready to give you a helping hand and, if necessary, take care of the entire process of registering and re-registering your vehicle.

  • A signed application for registration + power of attorney

  • A signed SEPA direct debit mandate

  • Vehicle Registration (Germ. Fahrzeugschein), or registration certificate part I 

  • The Title of Ownership (Germ. Fahrzeugbrief), or registration certificate part II

  • Valid TÜV certificate

  • Identity card or password with a registration certificate

  • Electronic confirmation of vehicle insurance (eVB) – comparison of insurance terms and conditions in case of business registration (if the holder is an entrepreneur/physical entity)

  • An extract from the commercial register and company stamp (if the holder is a legal entity), if applicable.

Application for approval + power of attorney

SEPA direct debit mandate

Why register your vehicle?


For a motor vehicle to participate in road traffic, it must be registered with the appropriate vehicle registration office. For the registration to go smoothly, the required papers and documents should be ready. Only then can a valid vehicle registration be carried out quickly and easily. Required documents include a completed application for vehicle registration, a valid ID or passport of the owner, Vehicle Registration (Germ. Fahrzeugschein), and the electronic insurance confirmation.

Quick vehicle registration with the vehicle registration service in Berlin

The registration of a vehicle such as a car, truck, a motorcycle can be time-consuming or stressful. Therefore, many people avoid registering a vehicle: in such cases, our vehicle registration service in Berlin can be useful and helpful. Our customers no longer have to worry about the required paperwork and can leave it to the quick and experienced vehicle registration service. Our employees take care of the desired registration or deregistration of the vehicle and inform the owners about the exact procedure. They also contact the owners if certain documents or papers are missing. 


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