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Loss of Number Plates/Theft​


If one or both number plates are lost, especially if the number plates have been stolen, one should report this immediately. First, report the loss of your number plate(s) to the police. This will prevent you from being charged with criminal or administrative offenses that may be committed using your number plate(s).

After reporting the loss, you will be issued new number plates and the old ones will be blocked.


The following documents are required:
  • A signed application for the replacement of number plates 

  • Vehicle Registration (Germ. Fahrzeugschein)/registration certificate part I 

  • The Title of Ownership (Germ. Fahrzeugbrief)/registration certificate part II

  • If necessary, the existing number plates

  • Identity card or passport with the registration certificate

  • Report of theft

  • A valid TÜV certificate

  • Business registration (if the holder is an entrepreneur/physical entity), if applicable

  • An extract from the commercial register and company stamp (if the holder is a legal entity), if applicable

Power of attorney loss of license plate number / theft

Eidesstattliche Versicherung / Kennzeichen

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