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Car Registration in Berlin

Being a motor vehicle registration service in Berlin, we take care of the complete registration of your car for you.


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What documents are required to register a car in Berlin?


The documents that are required to register a car in Berlin at the registration office depend on whether you are registering a new car for the first time or a used one that has already been registered.

To register a car in Berlin, the following documents are usually required:

  • Vehicle Registration (Germ. Fahrzeugschein) or registration certificate part I

  • Title of Ownership (Germ. Fahrzeugbrief) or registration certificate part II

  • Cash, debit, or credit card

  • Valid identity card or passport

  • eVB number (insurance confirmation)


Why register a car in Berlin?

It is mandatory to register a car at the registration office in Berlin so that it can participate in road traffic. The motor vehicle registration service in Berlin can be used for faster processing without queuing at the registration offices for a long time. This service will take care of the administrative procedures if the following documents are available:

  • A completed application for car registration

  • A valid identity card or passport

  • Vehicle Registration (Germ. Fahrzeugschein)

  • An eVB number (electronic vehicle insurance confirmation)

If a car is to participate in road traffic, there are legal regulations that require it to be registered. The registration offices are subordinate to the respective district administration. A registered car is to have an owner. This information is entered in the registration certificate. However, the owner is not automatically entitled to drive the car by just registering it in Berlin. Persons who do not have a driver's license or minors can also be registered as holders with a power of attorney from a parent or a legal guardian.

What to consider when registering a new car in Berlin?


When a new car is registered in Berlin, some documents are required for the registration of the motor vehicle, which are to be presented to the registration office. Since the waiting times at the registration authority are often very long, you can ask the motor vehicle registration service in Berlin to register a new car for you. To register a new car in Berlin, a signed application, a power of attorney for the registration service, a signed SEPA direct debit mandate, and the vehicle registration (Germ. Fahrzeugschein) and title of ownership (Germ. Fahrzeugbrief) are required.


Also, a valid TÜV certificate (general inspection of the vehicle) for the vehicle and a valid identity card or passport with a registration certificate must be presented at the registration office. The car insurance company will give you an eVB number, which is also required as electronic confirmation of insurance at the registration office.

How to register used cars in Berlin?

If a motor vehicle is or was already registered and is now to be registered at the registration office in Berlin, the vehicle owner needs a few documents. Our registration service in Berlin will take care of this. The documents are also collected by a pick-up and delivery service. When registering a used car, the procedure for registering used cars in Berlin depends on whether the motor vehicle was registered or deregistered by the previous vehicle owner when purchased.

How to register a deregistered car in Berlin?


The registration and transfer of a used car are possible even if the car has already been deregistered by the seller. If the distance between the seller and the buyer is not long, the seller can hand over the vehicle documents to the buyer after receiving the buyer's signature for the purchase contract. The buyer can then register the car directly with the registration authority in Berlin.

If a date for the purchase and the signature of the purchase contract has already been agreed between the buyer and the seller, the buyer can ask the motor vehicle registration service in Berlin to register the car at the registration office. When the vehicle is registered at the registration office in Berlin, new number plates with official seals will be handed over to the buyer. The car registration and re-registration service in Berlin, which can be commissioned to register the car, also offers the option of choosing the desired number plates


Registration with short-term number plates


If the distance between buyer and seller is long, the buyer can apply for short-term number plates at the registration service in Berlin. The registration service in Berlin will obtain the short-term number plates from the registration office after having been commissioned to do so and will require a confirmation of insurance and proof of a valid general inspection of the vehicle from the buyer. The short-term number plates are valid for five days. After this period, they are not valid anymore and may no longer be used to transfer a deregistered vehicle.

Can one register a re-registered car in Berlin?


If the previous owner still has the car you are buying registered in his/her name, you must first agree with the previous owner on transferring the vehicle. Ideally, the buyer should pick up the vehicle and have the transfer carried out, and get the car registered directly at the registration office in Berlin.

The car registration service in Berlin can be commissioned to register a used car that is still registered in the previous owner’s name.

For the transfer trip, you need a cover letter from the car insurance company. This is necessary if the vehicle gets into an accident during the transfer trip. If the car gets into an accident during the transfer trip, this will not affect the seller's no-claims bonus. Insurance companies have special regulations in this case.

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