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Loss of Vehicle Registration (Germ.Fahrzeugschein)

/registration certificate part I​


If your old Vehicle Registration (Germ. Fahrzeugschein), or your registration certificate part I or part II is lost or stolen, you will need a replacement. Part I will be replaced when applying for the registration certificate part II.


The following documents are required:
  • A signed power of attorney
  • A valid TÜV certificate
  • Affidavit of loss
  • The Title of Ownership (Germ. Fahrzeugbrief)/registration certificate part II
  • Identity card or passport with the registration certificate
  • Business registration (if the holder is an entrepreneur/physical entity), if applicable
  • An extract from the commercial register and company stamp (if the holder is a legal entity), if applicable

Power of attorney loss of vehicle registration part I

Oath in lieu of vehicle registration

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