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Car Deregistration in Berlin


Being a motor vehicle registration service in Berlin, we take care of the complete deregistration of your car for you.

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How to deregister a car in Berlin?

The deregistration of a car in Berlin is done at the registration office. The following documents are required:

  • Vehicle Registration (Germ. Fahrzeugschein) or registration certificate part I

  • Title of Ownership (Germ. Fahrzeugbrief) or registration certificate part II

  • The number plates of the motor vehicle which is to be deregistered

  • A power of attorney when commissioning the motor vehicle deregistration service in Berlin

Why deregister a car in Berlin?

Car deregistration in Berlin is necessary when a car is to be sold, when you do not want to use it temporarily or when a car is to be scrapped. This is why car deregistration is also referred to as immobilization or taking the car out of service.

What happens after car deregistration in Berlin?

After successful car deregistration in Berlin at the registration office, the owner no longer has to pay insurance or taxes for the deregistered vehicle. After the deregistration, the car may no longer be driven in traffic or parked on public roads. The information that a car has been deregistered is forwarded by the registration office to the car insurance company and the customs administration. The customs administration is the body that collects the motor vehicle tax.

If the vehicle is to be registered again, the number plates of the deregistered vehicle can be reserved for the same owner for twelve months. This only applies to Berlin. The reservation of number plates for a vehicle which is not registered in Berlin is not possible.

What does it cost to decommission a car in Berlin?

The cost of decommissioning a car in Berlin is 7.50 euros. If a decommissioning is carried out with a certificate of destruction, the costs charged by the registration office amount to EUR 12.60. (As of August 2019)

How long does it take to deregister a motor vehicle in Berlin?

Waiting times at the registration office in Berlin when deregistering a vehicle are very long and can take several hours. When deregistering a vehicle in Berlin, you can save the waiting time at the registration office. This is where the car deregistration service in Berlin offers services. The deregistration service will take care of the administrative formalities when you commission it. The necessary documents for vehicle deregistration can be provided by the pick-up and delivery service. A power of attorney is not required, but should still be issued so that the car deregistration service in Berlin can carry out the car deregistration at the registration office smoothly.


Where can one deregister a car in Berlin?

If a car is registered in Germany, it can be deregistered at any motor vehicle registration office in Berlin or another registration office in Germany. In every registration office in Germany, the same documents such as registration certificate parts I and II, the current car number plates, and the valid identity card of the vehicle owner must always be presented.

Who can deregister a car in Berlin?

A car can be deregistered by any person who has the necessary documents. If a car is to be deregistered to be sold, the buyer should not deregister it. This is because the car with current number plates cannot be handed over to the buyer or registered hoping that the buyer will deregister the vehicle him/herself.

Although the standard sales contracts say that the seller is no longer responsible for the car from the moment the car is handed over, if the car is flashed or involved in an accident after the handover due to speeding, the police and authorities always turn to the very owner of the vehicle to whom the car is registered. It is therefore advisable for the seller and owner to deregister the car themselves before handing it over to the buyer.

While the seller is applying to the vehicle deregistration service for deregistering the vehicle, the vehicle deregistration service offers the buyer of the deregistered vehicle the option of applying for short-term number plates. If a car is deregistered, the number plates are invalidated at the registration office. The invalidated number plates should be disposed of or kept by the seller, but not left in the deregistered vehicle.

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