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Customs Number Plates​


When exporting a vehicle from the Federal Republic of Germany, which is not registered in Germany, you will need customs number plates. The same applies to the vehicles that have already been registered in the Federal Republic of Germany and no longer have this status. 
The following documents are required:
  • A signed application for registration + power of attorney
  • A signed SEPA direct debit mandate
  • Vehicle Registration (Germ. Fahrzeugschein)/registration certificate part I
  • The Title of Ownership (Germ. Fahrzeugbrief)/registration certificate part II
  • A provisional insurance card (Doppelkarte) --> Available from us --> Onlineshop
  • A valid TÜV certificate
  • Identity card or password with the registration certificate
  • Business registration (if the holder is an entrepreneur/physical entity), if applicable
  • An extract from the commercial register and company stamp (if the holder is a legal entity), if applicable

Application for approval + power of attorney

Sepa direct debit mandate

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